Choosing an Online Reputation Management Company

As a small business, your reputation is your livelihood. An outstanding reputation draws more business, promotes higher sales, and entices customers to work with your company. A poor reputation, on the other hand, can easily ruin sales and put a major dent in your bottom line. Because of this, many companies choose to prioritize online reputation management. Unfortunately, managing your online reputation on your own can be difficult. Because of this, many small businesses choose an online reputation management (ORM) firm to do the job for them. If this is an option you’ve been considering, you’ll need to learn how to choose a reputable firm that can get the job done well. Read on to learn more.

What do Online Reputation Management Firms do?

While most small business owners understand that online reputation management is important, few actually understand what, exactly, an ORM firm does. While the duties of an ORM company are varied, the main purpose of these firms is to take proactive steps to analyze, enhance, preserve, and restore (if needed) your brand’s online reputation.

Depending upon your company’s unique situation, the steps a management firm takes to achieve this will likely be varied. For example, an ORM firm might use search engine optimization (SEO) practices to boost the ranking of your company’s content and earn you a higher listing in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), which will in turn make you more visible online. Alternately, an ORM company might scour the web to locate positive, authentic reviews about your products, goods, or services. If there’s already a fair amount of negative information about your brand online, an ORM company will help you find ways to utilize authentic, positive reviews and content to boost your rankings, save your reputation, and build consumer trust.

Choosing an Online Reputation Management Firm

Online reputation management is a complex process, so it pays to spend the time needed to find an ORM company that can produce outstanding results. Keep in mind that not all ORM companies are created equal and, in order to perform as well as possible, the company you choose must possess the following traits:

  • The ability to build and develop content. While SEO is a major part of ORM, SEO can’t function on its own. SEO needs content in order to help you rank well in SERPs and boost your online reputation. In addition to possessing a healthy knowledge of common SEO tactics and approaches, a good ORM company will also excel at content management and development. Regardless of whether your company needs high-quality blogs or authoritative webpages, a reputable ORM company will know how to create unique, original, professional-grade content that will present your company in a positive light.
  • Social media expertise. Social media is a major factor in great ORM. Because many of today’s consumers use social media like a search engine, building and maintaining a quality social media presence can have a marked positive impact on your online reputation. Even if you’ve never dabbled in social media before, a great ORM company will understand how to best help your brand build a social media presence and use your various social channels to enhance your online reputation.
  • Website monitoring knowledge. In addition to being a complex process, ORM is an ongoing process. While it’s all well and good to ensure that your personal website and social media accounts are performing well, you’ll also need to monitor the web for any third-party mentions of your site. While this may seem unneeded, it’s actually a pivotal step in maintaining your online reputation and ensuring that everything is functioning the way that it should. A great ORM firm will know how to put third-party content alerts in place and use them to respond to new mentions of your company. This, in turn, can help you ensure that your online reputation stays intact and that people who search for your business online are being greeted by positive content.
  • As your company grows, your ORM goals may well change. In order to serve you well, an ORM firm needs to understand and cater to this. For example, a new company might use an ORM firm to build an online presence. Years later, that same company might find that there are negative reviews online that are harming the company’s organic search conversions. In this case, the company might turn to an ORM firm to mitigate negative reviews and preserve the positive reputation it worked so hard to build. Because your ORM goals will likely change as your company itself changes, it’s critical to find an ORM firm that is capable of catering and scaling to your needs at any given time.

While locating an ORM company may seem like a large task, these simple guidelines can help you separate the low-quality companies from the reputable ones and wind up with ORM services that present your brand well.

Why Hire an ORM Firm?

While there are dozens of reasons to enlist the help of a professional ORM company, the following are some of the most common:

  • Exposure. ORM services aren’t just for handling negative online reviews – they can actually help your company gain exposure and build a great online reputation that helps you grow.
  • Protection. ORM is all about being proactive. If you wait until your company has accumulated a selection of negative online reviews, it’s more difficult to regain your positive reputation. Companies who take proactive steps toward ORM enjoy increased protection and the benefit of a solid online reputation.
  • Automation. ORM companies help take the guesswork out of managing your online reputation. By implementing things like good SEO practices and third-party review monitoring systems, a great ORM firm can help automate your company’s growth.

When it comes to ORM, the best tool you can have in your arsenal is a quality ORM company. In addition to helping build, preserve, and maintain your online reputation, a quality ORM company will also be able to support your company’s growth and assist you in attaining your goals.

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