Do you sometimes forget, for weeks or longer, to check in on what’s being said about your business online? What you don’t know CAN hurt your business.

The EasyTo.Review system alerts you every time a new review is posted about your business, on any of several dozen different online review sites. This not only lets you know when you’ve got an amazing new review you can use for marketing; it also alerts you if a negative review has been posted directly to any of the sites, so you can respond. EasyTo.Review also aggregates your directory listings, so you can identify and correct inaccurate information before it has a chance to cost your business.

(Graphic of a new review alert; graphic of aggregated directory listings, maybe showing 3 or 4 listings with one that’s inaccurate, maybe circled in red)

Keep up with what’s being said about your business online. Sign up with EasyTo.Review today, and start winning the online reputation your business deserves. (Sign up button “Sign up now” to link to sign up page)